Connecting text to real life:

Ask the students if any of them have ever seen a peacock or a wild turkey in real life. Draw 2 circles on the mural paper. One that says, ‘real life peacock’ one that says, ‘real life turkey’. Jot down in the circles any ideas that the students come up with. Using library resources, and/or images from the internet, show images of real peacocks and real wild turkeys. Add more information to the mural circles.

Peacock facts for kids:

Turkey Facts:


The animals in the story are gathering in spring after a long winter. What happens to animals in the winter?


How does the spring bring changes for different animals?

What else happens in spring in the natural world?


Talk about birds and their different attributes. Watch this video (or one similar to it with your class)   Draw a circle on the mural paper labeled ‘All about birds’. Talk about what you learned about birds from the video. Record all findings on the mural paper. 

Foster Natural Curiosity and infuse learning with Indigenous ways of knowing.

Take a walk about to explore the interconnection of living things including people:

Go on a nature walk with the students around your school. Tell the students that while they are on the walk, they are to look for things that are around them that come from nature. Collect things like pinecones, little stones, feathers, fallen leaves, twigs etc. Bring the found items back to the class to discuss them. Record all findings in a circle on the mural entitled: The Natural World.

Explain the term interconnection. Tell them how Indigenous communities are deeply connected to the natural world around them. It is  important so that we learn how to live in harmony with the natural world.

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