For Kids

Strum on the Run:

Print this picture of Strum and glue it onto a thick piece of paper, cardboard or even add a popsicle stick. Take Strum with you to a location that inspires you. Maybe he can help you feel good, get a new idea out of your head or even inspire a song. If you feel comfortable to do so, take a picture of you and Strum and share it with us. We’d be happy to add it to the gallery. 

If you don’t have a printer, send us an email and we’ll mail you a Strum on The Run.

Please make sure to have parent permission before you share your address with us. 

Colouring Pages:

Choose between the colouring pages from the book:

Book Club:

Gather some friends and read the book together using these guiding questions.

Write the Picture:

What story would you tell from these pictures?

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